Greetings from the Dented Knight


On these pages peasants and nobles alike may view the trophies and/or remains of the conquests of the valient and adventuresome Dented Knight...
...who makes it his mission to rescue Websites in Distress from The Evil Dragon of Ugliness!"

Current Projects

floating cube

Dented Knight vs The Cube

One day as the Dented Knight was adventuring on the world wide web, he encountered an animated cube demo at In the battle that ensued the knight succeeded in not only capturing the cube, but by using secret mystical words of power (aka - messing with the code) he is now able to manipulate the cube to do his bidding.

life never enns website

Dented Knight meets Life Never Enns

Life Never Enns LLC is the name of a newly formed company, jointly owned by the Dented Knight and the Princess with the Mousey Brown Hair. Some day in the not so distant future, the knight hopes to complete the construction of this digital kingdom expanding the influence of Life Never Enns in the digital realm.

Past Projects

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reaction game

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photoshopped image of jedi on sabre tooth

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factory icon

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photo gallery link

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blog site

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