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About the Dented Knight

Philosophical foundation

A knight with experience and knowledge will inevidably have some dents and scratches in his armor. Much of a knight's life involves risk management...with zero risk - the armor may stay clean and shiney but little, if anything is accomplished.

With too much risk the armor will fail and the knight may not survive. The key to success then, is finding the right balance of risk to provide opportunity for the knight to build strength and to gain wisdom causing him (or her) to grow stronger and live longer.

Work Philosophy

"If you do what you love, you'll never have to work a day in your life".
(Marc Anthony)

Good functionality, interactivity and aesthetic appeal gets the attention of people browsing the web.

Quality content will hold a person's attention and cause him or her to come back for more.

The best websites have all of the above.

The Dented Knight has a wide range of skills and abilities! Some of his favorites are designing, creating and problem solving. When the knight is not designing or creating - he is most likely dreaming about designing and creating...or possibly eating or sleeping. While eating and sleeping may or may not qualify as skills, they do tend to be essential parts of that risk management that was mentioned earlier.

Behind the armor

Behind the armor of the dented knight is an unassuming, relatively normal but rarely bored person by the name of Peter Enns who values faith, family and friendship. Peter - aka The Dented Knight - is pictured below along with his favorite person in the realm - the one and only "Princess with the Mousey Brown Hair"!

peter enns